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The TCGHS holds at least 5 special programs each year (generally every other month). The topics pertain to various genealogical or historical aspects of Tehama County. These programs are open to the public and are usually free-of-charge. Dates, times, and locations of these programs are announced in the Society Newsletter, area newspapers, and here at our website.

February 21, 2008 -  Ben Hughes and Don Hislop, instructors at Shasta College,  presented a power-point program describing "Place Names of Tehama County".  Included in the presentation were the various interesting changes in the county including maps and investigation of forgotten settlements and historically significant towns. 

2012 Programs

Red Bluff Community/Senior Center
South Jackson Street, Red Bluff, CA

April 24, 2008 -  Corning Victorian Home and Corning Museum Tour.  The tour  began at 7 p.m. at 804 Almond Street in Corning at the Victorian Home of Sandy Powell.  This home was built in the early 1900s for William Dale (A prominent Corning banker) and his family.  Immediately afterwards we went to the Corning Museum located at 1110 Solano Street in Corning to view a new collection of artifacts from the former Dale Building/Premier West Bank built in 1912 and recently demolished.  Other artifacts are also on display dating back to the early days of Corning.

May 15, 2008 -  Tim Purdy, a noted historian and author gave a talk on "The History of Lassen Park".  The program  began at 7 p.m at the Red Bluff Community/Senior Center on South Jackson Street, Red Bluff. 

September 18, 2008  - 
Tour of W. C. Whitt Fire House Museum 
Tour of the W. C. Whitt Fire House Museum on Thursday, September 18, 2008.  The museum is located at 835 Cedar Street in Red Bluff.  The tour began at 7:00 P.m. and was open to the general public at no charge.  

Programs are usually held at :

Red Bluff Community/Senior Center
1500 South Jackson Street
Red Bluff, CA

MAPS for Red Bluff Community/Senior Center

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Red Bluff Fire House Museum
635 Cedar Street, Red Bluff, CA

November 6th, 2008  -    "SO YOU WANT TO BE A COWBOY?"
On November 6th the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society invited the public to chat with two members of the McKenzie family. Jacqueline McKenzie Leininger and Cheryl Conard Haase shared their memories and experiences of what it was like to belong to that large, ambitious and hard-working clan. The program was held at the Community Center on Jackson Street in Red Bluff.

Sandy Powell (W. Dale) home


March 12, 2009 -  7:00 p.m.
Mineral Revisited, by JoAnn Beresford Perkins  
  JoAnn Beresford Perkins, a native of Tehama County will be the guest speaker at the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society special program to be held at 7 PM at the Red Bluff Community Center on Jackson Street.
  JoAnn has long-time ties to the Mineral area and will share some of its very interesting history. Did you know that there have been four lodges in the area?  Over seven decades ago skiers flocked to the Mineral to enjoy the slopes. What connection did Warren Woodson have to the Mineral area? These are just some of the questions that she will answer that evening. This program is open to the public and admission is free. 

April 7, 2009  -  9:30 a.m.
Gaumer's Jewelry,  by Terry Gaumer  
   The special program of the Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society for the month of April was a tour on April 7 at 9:30 AM at Gaumer's Jewelry located AT 78 Belle Mill Rd in Belle Mill Plaza in Red Bluff. 
   Terry Gaumer presented the history of the Gaumer family and how the four-generations became involved in collecting gems and minerals and how that grew into what is now known as Gaumer's Jewelry. We toured their Museum located at the site.
   The public was invited.

Mineral Store
Mineral, CA

GAUMER'S Jewelry Tour
(Photo by Sandy Tuttle)

May 5, 2009 -  7:00 p.m.
Exploring Noble's Trail, by Dave Freeman
   Dave Freeman, a noted Northstate historian and speaker  gave a presentation on Noble's Trail and Tehama County on May 5th at 7 PM at the Red Bluff Community Center. The program included a power-point presentation with satellite photos of wagon trails and some early day miner artifacts. 
   Mr. Freeman and his wife, Genny, both have long-time ties to the north state area dating back to his great grandfather, Charles Locke who was the first to grow almonds in the mid 1860s. They are both actively involved with the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program. Dave has served as a docent at the Ide Adobe State Historical Park in Red Bluff.  In his spare time he researches the Nobles, Lassen, Lockhart, and Yreka trails.

June 20, 2009, "Meet Your Authors"
    The Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society hosted our first "Meet Your Authors" General Meeting/Social Gathering on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at the Tehama County Museum in the Marty Graffell Annex in Tehama, California. This was an opportunity for you to meet several of the authors whose stories appear in the 2009 edition of Tehama County Memories.  Current members of the TCGHS were able to receive their copy of the 2009 issue that day.       Refreshments were served and the museum was open for viewing.   

Dave Freeman

September 24, 2009 -  7:00 p.m.
A Recounting of 1972-1976, by Ben Webster
   Former cub reporter on the Daily News and the High School Bluffer, Ben Webster, is now a successful attorney and newly awarded Manager of Littler Mendelson Law firm in Sacramento.  Ben will recount his days from 1972 - 1976 as a teen contributor following stories of football, basketball and tennis for the Daily News.  He also wrote a weekly column called "Sparty Speaks".
    Aftter attending Stanford overseas campus in England, University of Virginia Law School, Ben joined the California Bar in 1987 (sworn in by Judge Noel Watkins in the Tehama County Courthouse.)
    The presentation will be at the Red Bluff Community Center, Thursday, September 24th, at 7 p.m. 
    Join us for this lively presentaiton by the Red Bluff native, son of Don and Ida Webster.  The community is invited free of charge.


Thursday, November 19, 2009 -  7:00 p.m.
The Cone Ranch and Family, by  Cheryl Conard Haase
   The Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society invites the public, at no charge, to enjoy an evening with Cheryl  Conard Haase. She returns to share her research on the Cone ranch and family on  November 19 , at the Red Bluff Community Center at 7:00 pm.   Cheryl is a native or Red Bluff and was raised on the ranch of Charles Stover, her grandfather.  She has presented two well-received programs, including a book signing of her family history “Too Many Irons In the Fire.” The second program with her cousin, Jacqueline McKenzie Leininger, “ So You Want To Be a Cowboy,” detailed ranching history in Tehama County.
     Joseph Spencer Cone , although he was vice-president of a banking corporation and the head of a large mercantile firm, among other things, was proud to name himself a farmer. He accumulated the largest land holding in the north state before his passing on September 12 , 1894. Join us in this entertaining and historically accurate presentation on the life and times of the Cone family.

Saturday, September 11, 2010 -  10:00 a.m.  - Member Only
Tour of the Sacred Stones Project and Winery at the Abbey of New Clairvaux, Vina
   The TCGHS had a member only tour of the Sacred Stones project and winery at the Abbey of New Clairvaux on Saturday, September 11, at 10:00 a.m.    Approximately 25 members of the TCGHS enjoyed a quided tour of the Abbey of New Clairvaux in Vina.  Our host, Robert McMullin was very helpful to answer questins, and has a wealth of knowledge.  Included in the tour was the site of the reconstruction of the chapter house using stone from the 12th century Spanish Monastery Santa Maria De Ovila .  After the tour, the group had a chance to taste and purchase the wine produced on the Abby grounds.  A good time was had by all.

Saturday, October 3, 2010 
Manton Apple Festival
The SOCIETY had a booth at the annual Manton Apple Festival on Sat, Oct 3.  A good time was had by all, and we all enjoyed the Apple Goodies.  We had a good response and enrolled three new members and many folks purchased our Memories books.  Also, we met the new owners of Dales Corner resturant which will be re opened this month.  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 
The TCGHS is having an event on "Family History" presented by the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (LDS).  Personnel from the Anderson Family History Center will be presenting the program on Tuesday, 16 November at the Red Bluff Community Center starting 7:00PM.  They will cover all areas of Genealogy.  Thos that have been at it for many years are asked to bring part of their genealogical search.  Included in the presentation a speaker will explain how the world famous archives of the LDS is operated.  Other sources of Genealogy information will be included.  The public is cordially invited

Cheryl Conard Haase

Oct 3, 2010 Applie Festival

Tuesday, JANUARY 18, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
342 Oak Street, Red Bluff, CA
The Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society (TCGHS) were guests of the ODD FELLOWS Lodge No. 76  for a tour of their historical meeting hall on the corner of Washington and Oak Streets in Red Bluff on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, at 7:00 P.M.  The hall was built in 1883 and is full of memories about early Red Bluff and the Odd Fellows are famous for their charitable works.  The public was cordially invited


Odd Fellows Building in Red Bluff, CA

Map to Odd Fellows

Thursday, March 17, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
The Tehama County Genealogical and Historical Society (TCGHS) is pleased to announce that noted historian Don Hislop, an Instructor at Shasta College, will be the guest speaker on the history of th Nomlaki Indian Reservation, which was the subject of his Master's thesis. The presentation will be at the Red Bluff Community Center on Thursday, 17 March, starting at 7:00 P.M.   The public is cordially invited

Thursday, September 15, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
NOME LACKEE CULTURE, presented by John Bedford and Conni McCoy
   John and Conni will present an illustrated narrative about the Nome Lackee settlement in the western Tehama County and their way of life before the white man arrived. 
   John Bedford has written several books on the history of Paskenta where he was born and raised. He has an extensive collection of pictures of Southern Tehama county that will be on display.
   The presentation will be at the Red Bluff Community/ Senior Center on Thursday,  September 15, starting at 7:00 P.M.   The public is cordially invited

Thursday, November 1, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
The Humboldt Wagon Road, presented by Marti Leicester and David Nopel
The Tehama County Genealogical Society (TCGHS) is proud to have as guest speakers Marti Leicester and David Nopel, both native Californians and authors of the recently published book, "The Humboldt Wagon Road". The Humboldt Wagon Road was constructed during the 1860's and connected Chico and Susanville with off-shoot roads to the Nevada and Idaho silver mines.
The story of the Road reflects the local history of our area. Their program will include a power point presentation of many never-before-published historic photographs and there will be time for
questions and answers after the program. The presentation will be held Thursday, November 1st at 7:00 P.M. at the Red Bluff Community Center. The authors will also have the book for sale after the program. The public is cordially invited. For further information call 529-6650.

2011 Programs