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(The following resources are available at the Tehama County Library. 
Access for some records are limited and not available to the general public.)


Tehama County Pioneer Archives , by Keith Lingenfelter
(6 volumes)
Indexed by "Married" or "Unmarried".  Many family groups of Tehama County developed from various sources.  May include parents, grandparents, spouse, children and their spouse with dates of birth, marriage and death. 
NOTE: This file is no longer available online from UC, Chico.

LOOK-UPS -  TCGHS has volunteers who will look up information from the below listed resources.  This service is free.  Donations are accepted.  Further research beyond a specific look-up may require a fee.

Leaves of the Past , by Ruth Hitchcock
(Microfiche at Library)
Indexes many individuals who were in the area (includes some from adjacent counties) by "males", often providing parents and spouses.  Year and place of birth usually given for male, often for spouse as well as marriage date and place.  Often death date for one or both. Notes on occupations, area they resided and ranch brands.


Tehama County Births 1905-1960 (some earlier miscellaneous births)
Tehama County Deaths 1889-1997
Tehama County Marriages 1856-current
Tehama County Obituaries 1857-current  (Keep in mind that early obituaries are rare, usually only published for prominent persons or long-time (pioneer) residents.

This is a list of only those cemeteries for which there are records available at the Library.

Belle Mill Cemetery  (a.k.a. Lyonsville Cemetery)  - Tehama County
Elmore Cemetery (Elmore District) - Tehama County
Kirkwood Cemetery - Tehama County
Lowrey Cemetery - Tehama County
Manton Cemetery - Tehama County
Newville Cemetery - Glenn County
Oak Hill Cemetery, Red Bluff, Tehama County
Paskenta Cemetery - Tehama County
St. Mary's Cemetery, Red Bluff, Tehama County
Sunset Hill Cemetery, Corning, Tehama County
Tehama Cemetery, Tehama, Tehama County (just west of city of Tehama)



Tehama County Census  1860-1930
Tehama County Directory  1885
Tehama County Great Register  1875, 1877, 1880, 1884, 1886, 1890, 1892, 1894 and 1896
Tehama County Voter Registration for 1912
Tehama County Voter Registration for 1950

NEWSPAPERS  (on microfilm)

Beacon  (Red Bluff)  March 1857 - February 1864
Corning Observer/Corning Daily Observer - (Corning, available only at the Corning Branch Library)
Daily Evening Sentinel, January 1894 - May 1900, and February 1901 - January 1905
Daily People's Cause  (Red Bluff), March 1878 - Dec 1917  (missing 1892)
Daily Sentinel, December 1880 - April 1893
Evening Sentinel, February 1901 - December 1917 (missing 1903) and January 1918 - December 1919
Independent,  (Red Bluff) August 1860 - October 1874
People's Cause (Red Bluff) October 1874 - December 1879
Red Bluff Daily News,  May 5 1892 - present
Red Bluff News, 1893, 1897-1900, 1901 - 1911, 1914-1915
Red Bluff Sentinel,  November 1920 - December 1927
River Rambler, January 1912 - December 1930
Sentinel, January 1884 - December 1893
Sentinel (weekly), March 1867 - December 1870
Tehama County Democrat, February 1884 - April 1885
Tehama County Republican, January 1918 - January 1919
Tehama Independent, March 1872 - October 1874
Tehama Observer, July 1866 - January 1867
Tocsin,  August 1875 - September 1883
Weekly People's Cause  (Red Bluff), January 1880 - December 1914
Weekly Sentinel, March 1904 - December 1915 (missing 1911)

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1874 Business Directory for Community of Tehama

1892-94 Directory, Lowrey, Tehama Co.

1892-94 Directory, Manton, Tehama Co.

1909-1910 Tehama County Graduates

1867 Pacific Directory for Tehama Co.

MARRIAGES - An assortment of Marriages, names and years, various sources

1928-1940 List of Red Bluff Daily News Articles

Red Bluff Cemetery History,
excerpt from "Leaves of the Past" 1828-1880, Ruth Hitchcock (available in Tehama Co. Library

Skeletons unearthed in Red Bluff-1902

West Side Grange Visitor Log, 1939 Fair

1909-1910 School Directory Tehama Co

1874 Township Boundaries, 1874, Tehama Co.

1874 Heavy Taxpayers, Tehama Co.

ARCHIVES - An assortment of years, various sources shown below may be viewed by opening ourArchives -

Fickert Mortuary Death List, 1883

Red Bluff Newspapers - Digital copies of Red Bluff, Tehama Co., CA newspapers in the California Digital Newspaper Collection 

Tehama County Museums - Flyer showing the locations and info about museums located in Tehama County, CA.

Cemtery Listing of all interred at Oak Hill and St. Mary's cemeteries in Red Bluff, Tehama Co., CA .